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The podcast analysing and tearing down the walls surrounding Hedwig & The Angry Inch chapter-by-chapter!

Sep 17, 2020

Whether you like it or not, we're back with Chapter 18!

Hey hookers - it's time to hit the streets and make some green. Mama got bills to pay! She certainly doesn't expect her next customer, however... a rather famous customer at that.

BANG! Don't drink and drive, kids.

Joining the band for this leg of the tour is the Dragony Aunt of Comedy Central herself, Candy Warhol! This Friend of Dorothy is here to show these street walkers how it's really done - and to take these paparazzi to task while she's at it.

The next episode will be 'Chapter 19: Hedwig's Lament/Exquisite Corpse'.

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Today's intro and outro music was a cover of 'Wicked Little Town' by The Breeders.

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